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Tea Sample Pack

Sample package

Tea Sample Pack

  • • 10 selected teas
  • • Comfortably test
  • • Organic quality

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Our 10 most popular organic teas to get to know

Discover the flavorful variety of our organic teas in a practical sampler pack. This includes 10 different types of tea in certified organic quality, including various fruit and herbal teas as well as fine black and green teas. From Earl Grey to Chai Latte to Ginger-Lemon, there is something for every taste. The carefully selected teas impress with their fine flavors and gentle processing. They come exclusively from controlled organic farming. Try your way through the top 10 selection and find your new favorite teas. The sample package is the perfect introduction to get to know the flavorful range of our organic tea assortment.

Which teas are included?

Immerse yourself in the harmony of Balance with mint and lemon balm. Refresh yourself with our Fasting Herbs blend with nettle and dandelion. Enjoy the classic Earl Grey Blue Deluxe, refined with flowers and bergamot. Caress your senses with the aromatic Chai Latte. Revive yourself with the fruity-fresh Cold Brew Peach. Feel the kick of ginger and the freshness of lemon in Ginger Lemon. Find peace and relaxation with our Sleep Tea. Experience the delicate floral notes of China Jasmine Tea. Treat your palate with a full-bodied Darjeeling 2nd Flush. Pamper yourself with the sweet creaminess of Chocolate Vanilla Rooibos. This sample pack contains our entire experience and passion for select organic tea. We invite you to explore the variety of aromas and flavors. Find your new favorite teas and enjoy tea moments of the highest organic quality.

Your Questions - Our Answers!

Welche Zutaten enthält der Apfel Zimt Tee?

Unser Apfel Zimt Tee enthält schwarzen Tee, Apfelstückchen und Zimt.

Ist der Apfel Zimt Tee bio-zertifiziert?

Ja, unser Apfel Zimt Tee ist Bio-zertifiziert. Keine chemischen Zusätze wie Pestizide oder Herbizide werden bei der Herstellung verwendet.

Wo wird der Apfel Zimt Tee hergestellt?

Unser Apfel Zimt Tee wird in der Gräfenhof Tee Manufaktur in Norddeutschland hergestellt und verpackt.

Welche gesundheitlichen Vorteile haben die Hauptzutaten des Apfel Zimt Tees?

Äpfel enthalten Antioxidantien und Ballaststoffe, die dazu beitragen können, den Blutzuckerspiegel zu senken und den Cholesterinspiegel im Blut zu regulieren. Zimt kann den Stoffwechsel anregen, die Durchblutung fördern und den Blutzuckerspiegel stabilisieren. Zimt hat auch entzündungshemmende Eigenschaften.

Wann sollte man den Apfel Zimt Tee servieren?

Sie können den Apfel Zimt Tee heiß an kühlen Tagen oder als erfrischenden Eistee an warmen Sommertagen servieren.

Is it possible to package the tea with my own design?

Yes, it is absolutely possible to manufacture the tea with your own design as a private label product for you! We are experts in this field and place great value on first-class customer service. To start your personal tea project, please do not hesitate to send us a message. We are looking forward to hearing from you and sending you detailed information on the design and implementation of your individual tea design. Let's create something unique and special together! Please feel free to contact us with a short email. You can contact us at the following email address: Alternatively, you can also call us: +49 (0)4167 238 930

I found a better price on another site, can you meet me halfway?

Together, we can find the right solution and price for our products for you. Please feel free to contact us at the following email address: Alternatively, you can also call us directly: +49 (0)4167 238 930

How can I contact you?

You can contact us for any concerns at the following email address: Alternatively, you can also call us directly: +49 (0)4167 238 930