Hochwertiger Tee für Gastronomie

      Our Mission

      Quality you can taste

      Gräfenhof tea stands for quality, sustainability and innovation. Our goal is to provide restaurants like yours with premium, organic and sustainable tea solutions. We want you to be able to offer your guests a premium tea flavor while respecting our planet.

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      Functional tea for the catering industry

      Introducing functional teas into your catering business offers numerous advantages. It allows you to respond to the growing demand for healthy and functional options and position yourself as an innovative and future-oriented company. With Gräfenhof you can be sure that you are offering your guests a high-quality, sustainable and health-promoting tea solution. Discover our range and experience how functional tea can make the difference in the catering industry. Of course, our classics are always included!

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      Premium Packaging

      Our pyramid bags vs. tea bags

      Our Gräfenhof pyramid bags are a premium option for tea bags. They are designed to have more space than traditional tea bags, meaning they can accommodate larger tea leaves and pieces. This results in a richer, full-bodied taste because more tea leaves come into contact with the hot water than with the classic tea bag, where only fine-cut products are used. In addition, artificial flavors are usually used.

          • Balanced Vitality

            This blend is more than just a tea. It is an invitation to restore balance in your hectic everyday life. With carefully selected herbs and spices known for their health-promoting properties, this tea is the perfect companion for a balanced lifestyle.

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          • Sleeping Breeze

            A good night's sleep is crucial for our health and well-being. Our Sleeping Breeze Tea is a soothing blend of chamomile, lavender and other herbs known to promote peaceful, restful sleep. Serve it in the evening and offer your guests a tasty cup of Sleeping Breeze.

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          • Keep Calm

            In our fast-paced world, it can sometimes be difficult to maintain calm and composure. Our Keep Calm Tea is a gentle blend of herbs and spices known to aid relaxation and calming. It's the perfect tea to take a break and enjoy the moment.

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            • Forest Berry Mix

              Immerse yourself in our world of forest berry flavors with our organic forest berry teas!

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            • Darjeeling Dream

              Experience the taste of the Himalayan heights in every cup of our organic Darjeeling tea!

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            • Ginger Lemon

              Spice up your day with the refreshing kick of our organic ginger lemon tea!

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            • Japan Sencha

              The finest green Japanese Sencha tea - an incomparable taste!

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            • Sweet Vanilla

              Taste the natural vanilla in our organic Sweet Vanilla teas!

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            • Chai Latte Tea

              Experience the exotic taste of India with our organic Chai Latte teas!

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            • Earl Grey Deluxe

              Enjoy the majestic note of Earl Gray in every cup of our organic Earl Gray Deluxe tea!

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            • Clear Mint

              Refresh your day with the cool breeze of our Organic Clear Mint Tea!

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            • Simple Camomile

              Find peace and relaxation with our gentle organic Simple Camomile tea!

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            Large packaging for the catering industry

            We know that efficiency and convenience are crucial in the hospitality industry. That's why we developed our MAXIS - bulk packaging that contains 100 premium pyramid bags. With our MAXIS you can ensure you always have enough tea in stock to meet demand. In addition, our bulk packaging is more efficient and environmentally friendly than individual packaging

            Good for the environment

            Sustainable and compostable

            With Gräfenhof you not only offer your guests a delicious tea break, but also a sustainable experience. Our compostable pyramid bags and organic ingredients allow you to position yourself as an environmentally conscious business. We believe that by choosing organic tea and sustainable packaging, you can do something good not only for your guest, but also for the planet.

            Invest in the future

            Tea - a growing trend

            The popularity of tea continues to rise. According to a report by Grand View Research, the global tea market is expected to reach over $73 billion by 2025 (Source: Grand View Research). This shows that tea is more than just a drink - it's a growing trend.

            Gräfenhof tea meets all the requirements of this trend: quality, taste, variety and sustainability. Our 12 unique flavors, careful selection of ingredients and handcrafted production offer your guests an unforgettable tea experience.

            In addition, with every cup of Gräfenhof tea you support sustainable cultivation and thus contribute to protecting our environment. With our attractive design and practical display boxes, you can not only enhance your drinks menu, but also improve the overall impression of your restaurant.

            It's an investment that pays off: with Gräfenhof Tea you have the opportunity to increase your sales and increase your customer satisfaction. Offer your guests a tea experience they won't forget.

              • Attractive prices

                Whether you need 1kg containers or 25kg bagged goods, you will always get the right container from us at unbeatable and attractive prices.

              • Over 600 different teas

                Over many years we have now expanded our range to over 600 different teas. There's something for everyone!

              • Safe & easy operation

                Our digital ordering system is not only quick and easy to use, but also secure. You can rest assured that your information is protected and that your order will be processed correctly and on time.

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              You can immediately view our entire range. For security reasons, we have to check once that you are a business customer before you can order. Simply register in our shop.